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About me
Hi there, I am Andrea and it seems that you've found my personal page.
I was born in Gubbio and raised in the historical Duchy of Urbino, in the sunny "middle" Italy. Because of that, I have always been interested in medieval and renaissance history. I also like pretty much photography, especially of landscapes and architecture. I love traveling across Europe with my backpack and camera. I am very fascinated by norse heritage and culture, which also affected my music taste. I openly support free and open software movements, being a proud (Arch) Linux user and having freely released my learning efforts (GitHub, Sourceforge). I like reading technical stuff, I kind of started collecting books, here are some in Computer Science and AI. Let me know if you know one I should really read.

Learning and experimenting are my main passion. At home I have all necessary thinkering equipment. Have a look at my 3D printer.
Since October 2012, I have been a PhD student at the Smart Grid group led by Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich at the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, which I eventually concluded in September 2016. I invite you to check my "interests" page and my Google Scholar profile for further information on my activities.

I am coorganizing a meetup on the topic of Smart Microgrids in Munich, if you happen to be in the city or are just interested just drop me a line.

I recently open-sourced Data-Mill, a framework to develop analytic applications on Kubernetes, please have a look and feel free to send your feedback.

** Since July 2018 I am on sabbatical leave, traveling and doing independent research **

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