I like books, I love them. I hope one day to eventually write one. Like many, I like browsing paper-based versions.
Over the last years I have collected various books in the field of Computer Science and Technology. Here is a list that might help others towards their purchase.

Algorithms and Complexity
  • T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, C. Stein. Introduction to algorithms. MIT press 2009
  • H. Papadimistriou, K. Steiglitz. Combinatorial optimisation: algorithms and complexity. Dover Pubns 2000

Artificial Intelligence
  • S.Russel, P.Norwig. Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach. Pearson 2010 (3rd edition)
  • P.Lalanda, J.A. McCann, A. Diaconescu. Autonomic Computing. Springer 2012

Computer networking
  • A.S.Tanenbaum, D.J.Wetherall. Computer Networks. Pearson 2010
  • A.S.Tanenbaum, M. Van Steen. Distributed systems: principles and paradigms. Pearson 2006
  • P.Ancillotti, M.Boari. Programmazione concorrente e distribuita. McGraw Hill 2007

System administration
  • M.J.Sobell. A practical guide to linux commands, editors, and shell programming. Prentice Hall 2013.

Computer programming
  • G.Laakmann McDowell. Cracking the coding interview: 150 programming questions and solutions. Lighting source Inc. 2011
  • R.Silverman. GIT Pocket guide. O'Reilly 2013
  • R. Lerdorf. PHP Pocket reference. O'Reilly 2002
  • A. Gutmans, S. Bakken, D. Methans. PHP5. Apogeo 2005
  • S St. Laurent, M. Fitzgerald. XML Pocket reference. O'Reilly 2009
  • K. Loudon. C++ Pocket reference. O'Reilly 2009
  • B. Stroustrup. The C++ programming language. Addison Wesley 2013
  • E. Gamma, Heim, Johnson, Vissides. Design patterns. Pearson 2002
  • A.Aldini, M.Bernardo, F.Corradini. A Process Algebraic Approach to Software Architecture Design. Springer 2010
  • T.Segaran, C.Evans, J. Taylor. Programming the Semantic Web. O'Reilly 2009
  • P.Saint-Andre, K.Smith, R. Troncon. XMPP: the definitive guide: building real-time applications with jabber technologies. O'Reilly 2009
  • K.W.Smith, Cython, O'Reilly 2015

Data Engineering
  • C. Gormley, T. Zachary. Elasticsearch the definitive guide. O'Reilly 2015
  • H.Karau, A. Konwicki. Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis. O'Reilly 2015
  • T. White. Hadoop the definitive guide. O'Reilly 2012
  • S. Newman. Building micro services. O'Reilly 2015
  • C. Walls. Spring In Action. Manning 2014
  • D. Sanderson. Programming Google App Engine. O'Reilly 2012
  • S. Goasguen. Docker Cookbook. O'Reilly 2015
  • L. Hochstein. Ansible: Up and Running: Automating Configuration Managenent and Deployment the easy way. O'Reilly 2015
  • Y. Brikman. Terraform Up & Running. Writing infrastructure as code. O'Reilly 2017
  • K. Hightower, B.Burns, J. Beda. Kubernetes Up & Running. Dive into the future of infrastructure. O'Reilly 2017

Data Mining
  • S. Chakrabarti. Mining the Web. Discovering knowledge from hypertext data. Morgan Kaufmann 2003
  • I.H.Witten, E. Frank, M. A. Hall. Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques. Morgan Kaufman 2011
  • B. Liu. Web data mining. Springer 2011
  • J. Leskovec, A. Rajaraman, J. Ullman. Mining of massive datasets. Cambridge University press 2014.
  • Wil van der Aalst (Ed.). Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Processes. Springer 2011
  • T. Segaran. Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications. O'Reilly 2007
  • P. Teetor, R Cookbook. O'Reilly 2011
  • W. McKinney. Python for Data Analysis. O'Reilly 2012
  • J. M. Box-Steffenmeier. Time Series Analysis for the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press 2014
  • J. R. Pierce. Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise. Dover Books on Mathematics 1980
  • M.Kuhn, K.Johnson. Applied Predictive Modeling. Springer 2016

  • P.Scherz, S. Monk. Practical Electronics for Inventors. Tab 2013
  • P.Spirito. Elettronica Digitale. Mc Graw Hill 2006
  • P.J.Ashenden. The Designer's guide to VHDL. Morgan Kaufmann 2006

Evolutionary and bio-inspired computing
  • G. Eiben. Introduction to evolutionary algorithms. Springer. 2006
  • R. G. Hercock. Applied evolutionary algorithms in Java. Springer 2003
  • D. Floriano, C. Mattiussi. Bio-inspired artificial intelligence. MIT press 2008
  • S.Nolfi, D. Floriano. Evolutionary robotics. MIT press 2000
  • W. Banzhaf, P. Nordin, R. Keller, F. D. Francone. Genetic Programming - an introduction. Morgan Kaufmann 1998
  • P.Dayan, L.F.Abbot, Theoretical Neuroscience: computational and mathematical modelling of neural systems. MIT press 2001

Formal languages and compilers
  • J. Ullman, J. Hopcroft. Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation. Addison-wesley 2006
  • A. V. Aho, M.S. Lam, R. Sethi, J. Ullman. Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools. Pearson education 2006

  • J. Lazar, J.H.Feng, H. Hochheiser. Research Methods in Human-Computer interaction. Wiley 2011
  • L.Gamberini, L.Chittaro, F.Paternò. Human-Computer interaction. I fondamenti dell'interazione tra persone e tecnologie. Pearson 2012

Machine Learning

  • E.Alpaydin, An Introduction to machine learning. MIT press 2009
  • K. P. Murphy. Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective. MIT press 2012
  • D.Koller, N.Friedman. Probabilistic graphical models: principles and techniques. MIT press 2009
  • R. S. Sutton and A. G. Barto. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction. MIT press 1998
  • C. Szepesvari. Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning. Morgan & Claypool publishers
  • J. Heaton. Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 3: Deep Learning and Neural Networks. CreateSpace Independent 2015
  • I.Goodfellow, Y. Benjio, A. Courville. Deep Learning. MIT Press 2016
  • J.Patterson, A. Gibson. Deep Learning, a practicioner's approach. O'Reilly 2017
  • A.Zheng, A. Casari. Feature Engineering for Machine Learning. Principles and techniques for data scientists. O'Reilly 2018
  • A. Geron. Hands-on machine learning with scikit-learn and tensorflow. Concepts, tools and techniques to build intelligent systems. O'Reilly 2017
  • M.Kuhn, K.Johnson. Applied Predictive Modeling. Springer 2016

Multiagent systems
  • M.Wooldridge. An introduction to multi agent systems. Wiley 2009
  • G.Weiss (editor). Multi agent systems. MIT press 2013
  • N.Nisan, T.Roughgarden, E.Tardos, V.V.Vazirani. Algorithmic game theory. Cambridge press 2007
  • P.Cramton, Y.Shoham, R.Steinberg. Combinatorial auctions. MIT Press 2010

Natural Language Processing
  • S. Bird, E. Klein, E.Loper. Natural language processing with python. O'Reilly 2009
  • D. Jurafsky, J.H.Martin. Speech and Language Processing. Pearson 2009

Startups & Innovation management
  • V.W.Hwang, G.Horowitt. The Rainforest: the secret to building the next silicon valley. Lightning Source Inc 2012
  • B.Masters, P.Thiel. Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future. Virgin Digital 2014
  • E.Ries. The Lean Startup: How constant innovation creates radically successful businesses. Portfolio Penguin 2011

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